Words With The Suffix OR, AR and ER (7 Examples)

Words With The Suffix OR, AR and ER (7 Examples)

If you are interested in words with the suffixes OR, AR, and ER, be sure to check THE SUFFIXES GUIDE – CLICK HERE:

Words with the Suffixes OR, AR, and ER

In this video we examine the meaning of suffixes OR, AR, and ER. We will then examine 7 words with either the suffix OR, AR or ER. A helpful definition is given for each word and then an illustrated sentence example is provided.

Take a moment to look at the picture and then read the sentence. This is a good memory aid.

To improve your English, always look for connections and associations between words. In the seven words with the suffixes OR, AR, and ER, look out for a common characteristic.

Although 7 word examples are given, see how many other words you can think of that end with OR, AR, and ER.

Here is a transcript of the video “Words with the Suffixes OR, AR, and ER ” . . .

Slide 2:
The suffixes OR, AR and ER mean:
• one who
• that which
These are some of the simplest suffixes and you will see numerous examples of them if you take note when you reading or listening.

Slide 3:
Here are some examples:
• doctOR
• dancER
• beggAR
• killER
• barbER
• tractOR
• pacifiER

Slide 4:
Definition: a person who is trained in medicine and the healing arts

Slide 5:
In the picture we see a friendly doctor shaking hands with a patient.
Sentence example: This doctor always makes his patients feel relaxed.

Slide 6:
Definition: one who dances

Slide 7:
The picture shows traditional dancers in Cambodia.
Sentence example: Khmer apsara dancers focus on graceful movements.

Slide 8:
Definition: one who begs, or solicits alms for a living

Slide 9:
In the picture we see a woman begging outside a large public building in Rome.
Sentence example: Sadly, beggars are a common sight in many European capitals.

Slide 10:
Definition: one who kills, that which kills

Slide 11:
In the picture we see a digital image of the coronavirus.
Sentence example: 2020 will be remembered as the year a killer virus took over the world.

Slide 12:
Definition: one who gives haircuts, one who styles hair

Slide 13:
The picture shows an Indian man with scissors in his hand about to cut the hair of a client.
Sentence example: Here we see a traditional barber in India.

Slide 14:
Definition: that which pulls, a machine used on a farm for pulling farm implements

Slide 15:
In the picture we see a group of children visiting a farm.
Sentence example: The children loved sitting on the tractor.

Slide 16:
Definition: that which quiets or pacifies, such as a teething ring for babies to suck or chew on

Slide 17:
In the picture we see a Heron holding a baby’s dummy in its beak.
Sentence example: This Heron has taken a liking to a baby’s pacifier.

Slide 18:
The suffixes OR, AR or ER are some of the easiest to remember!
They simply mean:
“one who”
“that which”

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