Words With the Suffix LING (6 Illustrated Examples)

Words With the Suffix LING (6 Illustrated Examples)

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The suffix LING is related to something small. This video provides 6 illustrated examples of words with the suffix LING. Each example comprises a picture and an associated sentence example.

By seeing a picture and then associating it with a sentence in which a word ending with LING is used, a strong mental connection is formed so you will remember the word more easily.

Learning vocabulary by studying prefixes, suffixes, and word roots, is a very easy and enjoyable way to expand your English vocabulary. You learn to associate words together with a common denominator.

Here are some sentences which include words with the suffix LING:

Ducklings quickly identify the first thing they see as their mother, called imprinting, and once they start following, they don’t stop!

This painting entitled “Larch Sapling” (1908) by Franz Marc, is an example of post-impressionism, where emphasis was put on abstract qualities rather than a close imitation of real life.

In an emotional reunion, a marine hugs his darling wife after returning from active duty.

Here a drill sergeant barks orders to his underlings.

Here we see a fledgling artist hard at work!

So remember, the suffix LING generally refers to something small, or very small.

It is often but not always used as a gentle term of endearment or fondness.

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Image Credits

5 – duckling
Get Your Ducks in a Row

7 – Larch Sapling
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VMAQ-2 Marines return from Afghanistan [Image 1 of 3]

1, 11 – drill sergeant
Drill Sergeant Giving Orders

13 – young artist
artist at work

15 – eating
욕망 시리즈 - eat, by 김목화
This was the story of Hurricane

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