Words with the Suffix IVE (6 Illustrated Examples)

Words with the Suffix IVE (6 Illustrated Examples)

If you are interested in the suffix IVE, be sure to check:

The suffix IVE can be added to a large number of words in the English language.

This video presents six pictures with sentence examples that illustrate the meaning of words with the suffix IVE. Focus for a moment on the picture to make a mental impression, then listen carefully as the sentence example is read. This will help with long term memory.

Learning suffixes is an easy way to increase your English vocabulary. Go through the six words that begin with IVE in this video and bring your English to a new level.

Here is a transcript of the video “Words with the Suffix IVE” . . .

Slide 2:
The suffix IVE means CAUSING, MAKING
• cooperative
• digestive
• abusive
• assertive
• affirmative
• cohesive

Slide 3:
Definition: working together, mutual assistance

Slide 4:
Sentence example: Household chores are so much easier when children are cooperative.

Slide 5:
Definition: relating to or aiding the digesting of food

Slide 6:
Sentence example: The McVitie’s Digestive biscuit (created in 1892), was given its name due to the high baking soda content which was thought to aid food digestion.

Slide 7:
Definition: wrongly used, causing physical harm, or swearing and using bad language

Slide 8:
Sentence example: When the bus didn’t stop, the lady became quite abusive toward the driver.

Slide 9:
Definition: showing confidence, forcefulness

Slide 10:
Sentence example: Margaret Thatcher gained a reputation for being a very assertive leader.
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1979-1990

Slide 11:
Definition: giving consent or approval, answering ‘yes’

Slide 12:
Sentence example: When asked if he supported any political party he answered in the affirmative.

Slide 13:
Definition: acting as an agent or cause

Slide 14:
Sentence example: Working with asbestos many years ago when the danger was not understood, has been a causative factor of thousands of people dying each year from lung cancer.

Slide 15:
So when you see words with the suffix IVE, look for a connection with CAUSING, MAKING

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