Words with the Suffix ADE (6 Illustrated Examples)

Words with the Suffix ADE (6 Illustrated Examples)

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The suffix ADE, also spelled AD, appears in numerous words in the English language. It’s simply meaning of action or the result of an action help one to connect many different words.

This video presents six pictures with sentence examples that illustrate the meaning of words with the suffix ADE. Focus for a moment on the picture to make a mental impression, then listen carefully as the sentence example is read. This will help with long term memory.

Learning suffixes is an easy way to increase your English vocabulary. Go through the six words that begin with ADE in this video and bring your English to a new level.

Here is a transcript of the video “Words with the Suffix ADE”

Slide 2:
The suffix ADE (also spelled AD) means ACTION or the RESULT OF AN ACTION
Consider these examples:

Slide 3:
Definition: a public place for a relaxed walk

Slide 4:
Sentence example: She enjoyed walking along the promenade in the late afternoon.

Slide 5:
Definition: the act of isolating an enemy preventing supplies or people from leaving or entering

Slide 6:
Sentence example: At the beginning of World War I, the British Navy established a naval blockade which prevented food from reaching Germany.

Slide 7:
Definition: a period of ten years (literally a grouping of years into 10)

Slide 8:
Sentence example: A famous symbol of the decade known as the Roaring Twenties was the flapper – a young woman with bobbed hair and short skirts who drank, smoked, advocated sexual freedom and spoke about things ‘ladies’ normally did not speak about!

Slide 9:
Definition: a very large number of people or things

Slide 10:
Sentence example: A common misconception about Hinduism is that it has a myriad of gods (330 million), this misinformation coming from the fact that there are 33 types of gods.*
*The 33 Koti Devta sustain the world under the influence of the supreme God, Brahman.

Slide 11:
Definition: a musical performance to express love to someone

Slide 12:
Sentence example: To her surprise, her boyfriend serenaded her in the park.

Slide 13:
Definition: a drink made from lemon juice, water and sugar

Slide 14:
Sentence example: You know what positive thinkers say: “When life hands you a lemon, make a lemonade!”

Slide 15:
So when you see words with the suffix
look for a connection with an action or
the result of an action

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