WordPress Speed Optimization Tutorial: 90+ PageSpeed Score in Minutes

WordPress Speed Optimization Tutorial: 90+ PageSpeed Score in Minutes

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WordPress Speed Optimization Tutorial: 90+ PageSpeed Score in Minutes

Did you know that visitors and Google alike hate slow websites more than anything? In this video, you’ll learn everything about methods of manual speed optimization and can then follow our automated WordPress speed optimization tutorial that’ll get your website or your client’s website a 90+ PageSpeed score in no time.

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Here are the tools we mention in the video:

Sucuri https://sucuri.net
Cloudflare https://www.cloudflare.com
Jetpack https://jetpack.com

Google PageSpeed Insights https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/
Pingdom https://www.pingdom.com
GTmetrix https://gtmetrix.com

Database optimization
WP-Optimize https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-optimize/

📒 Show notes 📒

00:00 WordPress speed optimization tutorial intro
00:13 How to speed up your website
01:34 Reliable hosting provider
02:59 Using a CDN
04:37 Critical CSS
05:52 Going with a light theme or template
06:39 Enabling caching
07:14 Set to automatically optimize images
08:17 Regular speed checks
09:46 Minifying scripts
10:54 Keeping plugins and WP updated
12:16 Lazy loading visuals
13:24 Optimizing database
14:17 Converting and resizing images
15:23 Reducing comments
16:04 Reducing social media calls
17:57 Don’t embed videos directly
18:51 Don’t embed Google Maps
19:41 How to speed optimize with 10Web
20:49 How 10Web’s technology works
23:02 Speed Optimizer
27:17 Outro

The mission of our channel is to help agencies develop and expand by offering the best tips and most useful tools of the WordPress world. 👌 Following this WordPress speed optimization tutorial you can see just how easy achieving a PageSpeed score of 90+ can be 😊

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