WIPO at 50,000 Domain Name Disputes: The GigaLaw Interview

WIPO at 50,000 Domain Name Disputes: The GigaLaw Interview

Just as the 50,000th domain name dispute was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), domain name attorney Doug Isenberg of GigaLaw had the privilege to interview two of the people who shoulder much of the responsibility for the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

In this half-hour video conversation, Doug talked with Erik Wilbers, director of WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center; and Brian Beckham, head of the Center’s Internet Dispute Resolution Section.

Shortly after the discussion, WIPO issued a press release about its 50,000th domain name dispute, calling it “a major milestone capping two decades of pro-consumer activity ensuring Internet users can easily find genuine sites for the brands they love and trust.”

In this interview with Erik and Brian, they disclose more details about this important case (the disputed domain name is discoverbankk.com), why UDRP complaints are on the rise, and how WIPO is handling an ongoing surge in domain name disputes even during the coronavirus pandemic.

WIPO press release, “WIPO’s Anti-‘Cybersquatting’ Service: 50,000 Cases and Growing amid COVID-19 Surge”: https://www.wipo.int/pressroom/en/articles/2020/article_0026.html

GigaLaw website: https://giga.law/

Domain Name Disputes: A Masterclass: https://giga.law/masterclass

About Doug Isenberg: https://giga.law/about-doug-isenberg

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – Erik Wilbers introduction
1:21 – Brian Beckham introduction
2:10 – An interesting year
2:57 – Erik Wilbers, historical perspective
4:19 – Brian Beckham, current practices
5:02 – 50,000th case: discoverbankk.com
6:40 – The world today
7:08 – Busy 2020
7:27 – UDRP has been able to adapt, very relevant today
7:58 – Banking and financial services providers top UDRP list
8:35 – Increase in Covid-related filings
10:52 – 10-12% increase in UDRP filings in 2020, record year
11:54 – More Internet usage = more cybersquatting
12:33 – Trademark owners becoming more alert
13:04 – Impact of new gTLDs, ccTLDs (.ua, .cn, .io)
14:12 – Privacy services and the GDPR
18:24 – Phishing scams
20:08 – Maturing of cases (filings and decisions)
21:04 – WIPO Overview 3.0
22:30 – DNS abuse
24:19 – WIPO as caretaker of UDRP
29:14 – WIPO UDRP resources (GDPR, ccTLDs)
32:18 – GigaLaw Domain Name Dispute Masterclass
33:25 – Conclusion

Disclaimer: This video is for general informational purposes only, provides only a summary of specific issues, and is not intended to be and should not be relied upon as legal advice regarding any specific situation. This video is not intended to create, and does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Viewers should consult with legal counsel to determine how laws, policies or decisions and other topics discussed in this video apply to the viewers’ specific circumstances. This video may be considered attorney advertising under court rules of certain jurisdictions. Copyright © 2020 Douglas M. Isenberg

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