Where To Buy CHEAP Domain Names? – Best Domain Registrars Compared 2021

Where To Buy CHEAP Domain Names? – Best Domain Registrars Compared 2021

Looking to start a business and you want to buy cheap domain names? In this video I show you where to buy cheap domain names as I compare “7 Best Domain Registrars” on the internet. I also describe the mistakes people make and should avoid when they buy their domain names.


0:00 – Intro what you are going to learn
1:08 – Mistake #1
1:50 – Mistake #2
2:58 – Mistake #3
3:27 – Mistake #4
4:21 – ICANN Fee
5:08 – GoDaddy
8:11 – Domain
9:55 – Namecheap
12:15 – Google Domains
14:00 – Hover
15:53 – Namesilo
17:10 – Porkbun


I point out the 4 most common mistakes people make when choosing domain names and I also compare 7 domain registrars that are working in 2021

If you are looking to buy your domain names on Godaddy or Domain for a long term, don’ t do it. It’s not worth it

And if you are seeking a place where you get your domain name, web and email hosting,

Then I highly recommend Namecheap.

Now if you want value options, do consider Porkbun and Namesilo

And if you are looking for just buying the domain name without any web hosting, where everything is clean and there is no BS

Then Google Domains or Hover is better.

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