What Types of Domains Are There?

What Types of Domains Are There?

.com, .net, .org, oh my! Seriously though, it’s really important for you to know the domain hierarchy and the domain name system and which ones are available to you.

We’re gonna talk to you about domain types.

At the highest level of the domain name system are top level domains, also known as TLDs. TLDs are part of the domain name that are to the right of the dot, and they usually end a complete domain name, hence the term domain extension.

Generally, TLDs are categorized as generic, or gTLDs, and country code as ccTLDs. The most common gTLDS are .com, .net, .org and .info.

Now, don’t let the G in gTLD fool you. The International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, are always approving fresh, new gTLDS for sale to the public, like .xyz and .guru.

While most generic top level domains, or gTLDs, have some guidelines, nearly all are available to anyone. However, some have restrictions, like .name and .pro.

Sponsored gTLDs are also often restricted. They’re set up by private agencies and organizations that establish and enforce rules that restrict registrants.

For example, the gTLD .museum is sponsored by the Museum Domain Management Association and is restricted for use by members of the International Counsel of Museums.

Country code top level domains, or ccTLDs, represent geographic locations. For example, .mx represents Mexico and .eu represents the European Union. Many ccTLDS have residency restrictions. However, there are some that don’t.

Next in the hierarchy is Second Level Domain, or SLD. The SLD is the portion of the domain name that’s located to the left of the dot. So in godaddy.com, godaddy is the SLD.

The possibility for your SLD is nearly limitless (well, given that it’s available). But what will you do for your TLD? Will you go with the classic .com or something cool and edgy like a .vip?

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

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