What Sales Settings to Choose When Selling Domains – Buy Now VS Make Offer

What Sales Settings to Choose When Selling Domains – Buy Now VS Make Offer

Before you list your domains for sale you should understand what type of Sales Settings best suits your domains. Sedo allows you to sell domains listed as Make Offer and Buy Now. In this video we will talk about your options and which ones may be beneficial to your domain for sale listing.

Sedo recommends listing domains as “Buy Now” as our research shows that these domains are three times more likely to sell with a fixed price than a standard Make Offer listing. You can also benefit from a reduced commission fee if the domain sells while being parked with Sedo and listed as Buy Now. This is how a Buy Now listing will look to potential buyers.

Buy Now listings are transparent and eliminate potentially lengthy negotiations as buyers know exactly what you want to sell for right away. Also, in order to qualify for our SedoMLS Premium Partner network promotion and instant domain transfers, one of the requirements is that the domain is listed with a Buy Now price. Check out our video what is SedoMLS and How to activate MLS Premium to see how this promotion can help you sell domains faster.

Another thing is that, psychologically a Buy Now prices create a sense of urgency for buyers; if they don’t buy now, they may lose out! For domains already listed on Sedo as Make Offer, if you have received offers on the domain already, you can set a Buy Now price, and all previous buyers who made offers will get an email encouraging them to buy the domain now that they no longer have to negotiate. So that can be used as a sales tactic to help you sell.

Buy Now is not the best option for you when you have not researched or understood the domains correct value. If your domain is listed for sale for the wrong price then having a high Buy Now price will put potential buyers off. If you don’t know how much to sell the domain for then, in order to provide you with maximum flexibility when listing domains we also offer the option to list domains as Make Offer. If you list a domain as “Make Offer”, you are indicating that the domain is open to receiving offers. You can list the domain with no asking price or minimum offer and the domain listing will look like this to visitors.

Make Offer is ideal for you if you do not understand the value of your domain, you can find out if there is any interest in the domain to start with and to see what offers you get. This listing Allows buyers to make offers of any amount over 20 GBP, Euro or USD. .

Any price you list against you “Make Offer” domains is not binding and you can counter offer to any offer you receive. By entering a Minimum Offer and a suggested asking price your listing will look like this.

This type of listing will avoid you receiving low offers that you are not interested in and is more transparent to buyers giving them a clear idea of how much you want to sell for, you are not obliged to sell even at an asking price even if you get an offer of this amount. All offers over the minimum offer received are passed on to you by email for consideration.
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We wish you every success selling your domains.

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