URL Explained | Web Pro Glossary – Domains Vol. 1

URL Explained | Web Pro Glossary – Domains Vol. 1

How to explain URL to your clients: URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the address of the internet, or the whole string in the address bar of a browser. In addition to a domain name like godaddy.com, a URL can include prefixes and suffixes like https:// and /.file.html. The uniform resource locator (URL) is also used outside the internet, for example, in internal networks.

What is a URL? It’s kinda like if a domain name is like a street address, a URL is like an expanded address that might include county or province, and country code. For uses outside the internet, a URL is like a call number in the library or an inventory code for a machine part.

You might also hear web address and internet address.

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00:00 – URL definition
00:34 – URL synonyms
00:39 – URL metaphor

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