UDRP Case Study: Why Cancel a Domain Name?

UDRP Case Study: Why Cancel a Domain Name?

Domain name attorney Doug Isenberg of GigaLaw talks about the unusual remedy of “cancellation” (instead of “transfer”) in decisions under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

A trademark owner can choose when filing a complaint whether it wants to have the domain name transferred or cancelled. After a domain name has been cancelled, it will become available for registration again by anyone. For this reason, cancellation seems like a poor remedy for a UDRP case.

Cases cited:

– Maersk Drilling A/S v. James Pata, WIPO Case No. D2020-2105 (cancellation of maerskdrilling.energy): https://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/search/case.jsp?case_id=49552

– Virgin Enterprises Limited v. “Richards Branson,” WIPO Case No. D2020-2996 (cancellation of virginverizonwireless.com): https://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/search/text.jsp?case=D2020-2996

GigaLaw website: https://giga.law/

Domain Name Disputes: A Masterclass: https://giga.law/masterclass

About Doug Isenberg: https://giga.law/about-doug-isenberg

Video chapters:
0:00​ – Introduction
0:42​ – Cancellation is uncommon
1:13​ – What the UDRP says
1:46 – Transfer as a remedy
2:40​ – Cancellation as a remedy
3:23​ – Why cancellation is a poor choice
5:46 – Two trademarks in one domain name
6:45​ – To learn more

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