Top Domain Name Sales of 2020 | Best Selling Domain Names | Domain Name Guide | Domaining in Hindi

Top Domain Name Sales of 2020 | Best Selling Domain Names | Domain Name Guide | Domaining in Hindi

Let us discuss some of the Top Reported Domain Name Sales for 2020.

During 2020, the only business that grew many times was the Online business.

None of these sales belong to me and this video is for informational purpose only.

Another thing is, these are reported sales.We talk about the General TLD – .com, .net and .org

Please check out my another video talking about the TLDs and their types, for more information on the TLDs or the domain name extensions in simple words.

This is my another video in the Domaining in Hindi series. I am sure this will help you Learn Domaining.

I will be creating more such videos regularly. I have 20 years of experience in Domaining. When I started I did not have any mentor but now I have been assisting many new domainers and budding entrepreneurs start their Domaining journey. Learn Buying and Selling Domain Names in Hindi.

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Domaining in Hindi | Learn Domaining | Sell Domain Names | Earn from Domains

Disclaimer: Any app/website/company/brand/individual/domain name mentioned in any form on our website or video is for informational and educational purpose only. We never involve in copyright/trademark infringement or defamation of any such entity so such reference must be ignored as we are not responsible for any of them. We have a clear and honest purpose of referring them only for the knowledge of our viewers/subscribers. Any investments you make based on these videos are at your own risk. We do not indulge or encourage any sort of financial investments or ideas involving market risk. By watching this video you agree that Any such investments would be at your own risk and we will be Not responsible for the same.

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