The New Trend in Website Names

The New Trend in Website Names

Learn about the biggest transformation taking place on the Internet in decades: the “Not-Com” Revolution. 

Now there are hundreds of new domain extension choices from which to choose that allow you to create a website URL that is creative, meaningful and memorable. 

New options range from ‘dot-agency’ (.agency) to ‘dot-photography’ (.photography) to ‘dot-wtf’ (.wtf). You no longer need to settle for a ‘dot-com’ (.com) domain name that you don’t love or will cost you thousands — not when the Internet namespace is charting this new territory. 

Join the growing number of startups, small businesses, innovative corporations and bloggers … and go “not-com.”

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  1. Mohamed Hadji on March 20, 2021 at 3:28 am

    thanks for the idea! you are cool