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I’m Chris, a DEBT FREE Millennial, a 2 Time Best-Selling Author and I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. Over time, I have built a mini-empire in which I Coach-Consult-Speak-and-Write Books. I also work with Brands and Businesses on special projects. I founded a nonprofit, Grand CITY Sports, Inc. in 2008 where I work with promising youth, returning citizens and detention youth. Here on YouTube however, I teach entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs how to invest in the stock market, build a successful business, monetize their personal brand and become debt free. This channel takes you through my journey of how I invest and build wealth as well as how I build my business from the ground up, while sharing information on hardships, how I achieve success, build wealth, save and invest. I share all of this in hopes that it helps you in some way.

EACH WEEK, the Deeper Than Sports series highlights questions from my subscribers related to investing or business and stocks I purchase throughout the week #dividend #stock with the #robinhood app. My goal is to generate more passive income through purchasing shares of high quality dividend paying companies.

Dividends are some of the most powerful tools for building passive and retirement income. Dividends are the life blood of executives, the wealthy and powerful which is why income on them is TAX FREE up to $38,600 (or $77,200 when filing jointly)!

It’s not that difficult to get started building your very own portfolio that pays you money to sleep. Follow my journey and let’s create some wealth!

Legal Disclosure: I’m not a financial advisor. The information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only. Before investing, please consult a licensed professional. Any stock purchases I show on video should not be considered “investment recommendations”. I shall not be held liable for any losses you may incur for investing and trading in the stock market in attempt to mirror what I do. Unless investments are FDIC insured, they may decline in value and/or disappear entirely. Please be careful!


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