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What Is Domain Investing?
It is all about acquiring domain names for pennies on the dollar, redevelop into a website and finally monetize it to get monthly cashflow. Let me give you an analogy:

1. Imagine you found an abandoned shopping mall in the middle of orchard road in Singapore. You buy it for pennies on the dollar because the owner is not making a single cent.

2. Once you become the new owner of the shopping mall, you put a fresh coat of paint and do all the repairs and make it look attractive to shoppers.

3. You find tenants and rent the individual shops in your mall to generate a monthly cashflow as passive income. Once you have generated 12 months worth of cashflow, you can sell the entire shopping mall to other investors for 2-3 times your yearly income.

While the above analogy seem impossible or too complicated in the physical world, the online world presents these types of opportunities every day. I do not need to remind you how much investments are flooded into the online world right now with Facebook going IPO this year.

If you have missed the goldrush from the early days, this could probably be your only chance to become financially free in the next couple of years.

A new asset class called “Domain Investing” is going to put traditional asset classes to shame because you can now invest with little risks and make huge gains in a short period of time. Here is all how it works:

1. Acquire Undervalued Domain Names (Buy Abandoned Properties)

2. Develop Into Websites (Put Fresh Coat Of Paint + Repairs)

3. Monetize The Content (Find Tenants To Get Rental Income)

4. Keep For Passive Income Or Sell For Lump Sum

There are thousands of domains expired daily and some of these previously have established ecommerce businesses or high quality content which can be monetized to generate a healthy cashflow. Once a potential domain name is identified due to its type-in traffic or search engine rankings, It will be acquired and will be developed into a full website.

During the website development stage, high quality content will be written on the website similar to what it was before it’s domain has expired. This is to ensure that the website will be quickly noticed by major search engines and get back to its original search engine rankings.

Once the website has been “re-ranked” back into the search engines, you can expect instant targeted traffic to be flowing back to the website and these traffic will be monetized through affiliate programs like Google Adsense, Amazon or simply captured as leads and sell to other businesses.

Once there’s income proof for 12 months, the website can then be sold on auction marketplace like for a price 2-3 times it’s yearly income. FREE Video Training course.