Registering a web address (domain name)

Registering a web address (domain name)

1. Check business name is available
2. Check no trademarks registered
3. Check your business name web address is available

If you’re all clear, go back and register the business and get an ABN, Trademark the business name, register the web address domain name.

* You are going to need an ABN to register a domain name

* Registering a business name doesn’t mean you own it. It just publicly indicates that the business name is in use.

* To prevent someone taking your name you need to register a trademark for you business name. This costs about $660 for 2 classes using HeadStart services. Your trademark lasts 10 years.

If someone is using your business name and you have trademarked it, then this would be considered an infringement.

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  1. Laerte Cruyff on July 26, 2021 at 8:40 pm

    Hi! I bought my domain with namecheap but I can’t connect my domain with my website because I can’t do any configurations.

    It’s because namecheap doesn’t have acces to do that with au. Domains