Real Estate Domain Names: 4 Formulas and Rules To Pick The Perfect Name

Real Estate Domain Names: 4 Formulas and Rules To Pick The Perfect Name

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#EAPTV: I break down 4 rules and 4 tips for picking the best real estate domain names!

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4 Rules:
SEO & Keywords Don’t Affect Your Domain Name
In The US? You need a .com.
Close eyes…imagine 5 years from now. GO with a name that matches THAT biz

4 Formulas:
Location + Your Name + RE Term
Tyler sells greenbay
Dallas Homes By Tyler

Adjective + Location + RE Term
Great Tampa Living
Explore Tampa Real Estate

Nature + RE Term
Luxury Desert Living
Everest Peak Homes

VERB + Location
Search Green Bay
Find Dallas Homes
Explore New Mexico
Live In Kansas City

EAP Tips:
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