Reading Instruction Practice Test 1 – Assignment C (Word Analysis)

Reading Instruction Practice Test 1 – Assignment C (Word Analysis)

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The material that is covered in the Reading Instruction Lecture video series can be found as PDFs at It is recommended that you print the PDFs so that you can take notes as you watch the videos.
01 Text book that I scribbled:
02 Reading-instruction tutorials:
03 Practice-test tutorials:
04 Pierre P.’s screen captures:
05 RICA sample test
06 MTEL Reading foundations sample test:
07 CTCE Reading foundations sample test:
08 TEXES Reading Specialist sample test:
09 ORLEA sample tests:
10 MTLE Reading sample test:

I am very grateful to Pierre for his time and effort to screen capture and “pdf” the videos. Thank you, Pierre.

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  1. Made New Ministries on August 18, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    Is assignment C going to be a word analysis need every time?