Public Domain: Celebrating the Lifecycle of Copyright

Public Domain: Celebrating the Lifecycle of Copyright

The Copyright Office will host the Copyright Matters event “Public Domain – Celebrating the Lifecycle of Copyright” on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. in the Coolidge Auditorium. Several creators will talk about works in the public domain and provide an overview of their creative process. They will discuss what the public domain is, how it has changed since the internet, and much more. They will also answer questions from the audience. The Metropolitan School of the Arts Advanced Choir will perform selections of material in the public domain. The eight students in this exclusive group are mostly music theater-focused, studying voice, dance, and theater in a conservatory-style performance arts program.

Presenters include:

Douglas Lanier (17:31), Long-Term Fellow at the Folger Shakespeare Library, Professor of English at University of New Hampshire

Nina Gilden Seavey (37:43), Director of The Documentary Center, George Washington University

Ben West (1:04:01), Director, Performer, and Musical Theatre Historian

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