PDQ Live! : DNS Is a Four Letter Word

PDQ Live! : DNS Is a Four Letter Word

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Recap: machines on different internal networks. 1:02
DHCP settings
Scavenging (Record, Zone, Server) 3:18
Example: Use file scanner to check hosts file on client machines – Hosts Report/Scanner/Collection. 5:11

Question: I have just come into a location that has not managed the DNS. It now has very old records in the forward lookup zones and has never had the reverse lookup zones configured. The servers and printers have been assigned static A addresses but not in DNS. How do we begin to clean up the zones and how do we begin configuring the reverse lookup zones? 6:43

Question What is this error? DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN How do I fix this error? 10:54

Some common DNS questions:
DNS delegation error when promoting a DC. Why? 12:39

Inventory doesn’t see pre-staged computer objects in AD. Why? 14:24

Conditional Forwarders and Stub Zones, what are they and what is different about them? 16:24

Subnet prioritization and Round Robin: How do these magical things work? 18:33

DNS Suffix Search List: DHCP or GPO? And why suffixes are important. 20:15

Question: We have Dynamic Updates set to “secure only” in our DNS servers, which are our DCs. We also have a population of notebooks that are workgroup members that do not appear to be able to update their DNS records, which is causing havoc with PDQ discoverability. What’s the best way to get domain-joined and non-domain-joined systems to play nicely together? 22:32

Zone FIles 25:33
Why is this useful? Backups, manual zone uploads, migrations from one DNS server to another (Windows or not).

Question: I have workstations that continually have incorrect DNS records due to ip addresses swapping due to changing between wired and wireless connections or switching between Vlans defined in Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC). I can temporarily fix the issue by running IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS commands on workstations… but there’s got to be a better way, no? 28:01

Forwarders 30:35
Recursion timeout = 8 seconds, Forwarding timeout = 3 seconds

Question: Is there a decent way to create a failover A record to have a redundant SMTP relay server? 32:24

What’s new in DHCP and DNS 33:31

IPv6 36:35

Question: Is there a way to clear any stale DNS records out of DNS? 38:40

Question: Our DNS is working great with all local devices. However, we have been having internet DNS issues for several months now. We’ve had issues using Root Hints only and using forwarders. Any advice where to start? 39:16

Question: Is the DnsUpdateProxy group needed for dynamic DNS registration or not? Best practices found online are mixed and often conflicting, even directly from Microsoft. It seems to me that this group may pose a security risk on top of providing no benefit. What’s your take? 40:22

Question: Do PTR zones have to match DHCP subnets or can I just do a /8 and call it good instead of adding each subnet I have in DHCP? 41:17

Question: How can I create a special DNS name that would link to my active directory account to avoid typing my full domain address? 41:49