NFTs UpRising citiesabc ultimate guide to NFTs Non Fungible Tokens book by Dinis Guarda and guests

NFTs UpRising citiesabc ultimate guide to NFTs Non Fungible Tokens book by Dinis Guarda and guests

by Dinis Guarda

citiesabc ultimate guide to
NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens
New book by Dinis Guarda
with special guests

Non Fungible Tokens
1st iteration of blockchain uprising
in a virtual metaverse world.


NFTs are the first passage of the offline world of assets to the online open (DeFi) decentralised world.

A World of digital twins ID + digital assets narratives and economy.

The breadth of NFTs is just beginning.

Creative industries # Arts # Music # Film # Video # Gaming # Sports # Fantasy sports # Accessories – fashion # Property and Real estate # Domain Names # Collectibles # Luxury assets # Event registration and tickets # Certifications and Carbon credits # DeFi and decentralised finance solutions # Crowdfunding and funding solutions# Insurance policies # IP and royalties # Non for Profit # Virtual goods

“NFT sales top $2 billion in first quarter, with twice as many buyers as sellers”
Robert Frank, CNBC

What are NFTs
History of NFTs
The technology of the NFTs

NFTs ecosystem: Infrastructure: Protocols, Markets, DeFi, Domains, News and Research
NFTs digital certificates of authenticity assets

Creating an NFT
NFTs as digital product to sell – who own what – IP
NFTs ownership of assets, revenues, legal implications

Top Industries being changed and disrupted by NFTs
The major NFTs marketplaces
NFTs and crowdfunding
NFTs and DeFi

NFTs for Collectibles, events, gaming, travel industry and other solutions
The impact of NFTs on the Creative Industries art, music, film, gaming

Top selling Artists and creators NFTs
The impact of NFTs on supply chain, property and real estate, insurance

NFTs in Fashion and luxury Industry
NFTs for non for profit and charities
Blockchain NFTs environmental concerns

Collecting magnets, trading cards or exchanging banter over sports have all served as social currency. But could non-fungible tokens (NFTs) do the same for digital items? “This will be bigger revenue [for sports teams] than TV rights.”
Gary Vaynerchuk

“The (NFT) technology is here to stay. It’s a simple way to own things digitally. The royalties paid to the original creator in perpetuity is what is so exciting.”
Marc Cuban

NFTs UpRising
Dinis Guarda book
UpRising Dinis Guarda


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    Thanks for this amazing video! At the heart of it, everything that we have based the modern world on – ownership of property, money etc – is based on everyone’s common belief in them. Things like NFTs are experiments to expand on our common belief of it having value. It might or might not hold but it’s definitely interesting to see what happens!

  9. Barry S. Franks on May 24, 2022 at 12:24 am

    “NFT Might as well stand for non functional token” -Crit1cal

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  15. Matthew P. Marshal on May 24, 2022 at 12:37 am

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  20. Dinis Guarda on May 24, 2022 at 12:47 am

    “NFTs liberate art. Traditional art is confined to time and space. You have to be in the right city, go to a museum, be invited to someone’s home, etc. Anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection can view NFTs and take them in. This is a huge breakthrough.”
    Cameron Winklevoss

    “NFT sales top $2 billion in first quarter, with twice as many buyers as sellers”
    Robert Frank, CNBC, April 13 / 14 2021

    “I think that people don’t understand that when you buy, you have the token [or #NFT]. You can display the token and show you own the token… if you buy a [physical] painting, you just bought the painting. You did not buy the copyright to that picture."
    Mike Winkelmann @Beeple

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