MuxEmail Lifetime Deal, Review, Walk-through with Founder & FAQ

MuxEmail Lifetime Deal, Review, Walk-through with Founder & FAQ

It’s an email marketing software that uses AWS to send emails. It’s currently being mentioned as an alternative to EmailOctopus & Sendy.
Full walkthrough on how to apply for SES, how to verify domain or email, then send a message to SES to approve for me then how to connect with Muxemail to start sending.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:28 Connecting MuxEmail to AWS SES
00:13:16 Adding Your Domain to AWS SES
00:24:22 Moving From Sandfox to Production (Approval)
00:37:41 FAQ
00:38:25 What are the methods to collect emails to Muxemail?
00:42:27 How does the contact count calculated?
00:55:15 Can we hide branding in email and lead form?
00:55:57 How do does the workspace work?
00:59:28 Does MuxEmail deal include CNAME?
01:02:31 Can we use MuxEmail for Cold Emailing?
01:06:20 If Emails Land in Spam. Do you provide support?
01:07:51 Plans for WooCommerce & Shopify
01:10:45 Does MuxEmail support event-based segmentation?
01:12:06 DKIM & Private IP with MuxEmail
01:14:57 Is it possible to send a video by email?
01:16:25 Can we connect to elastic email or any other?
01:18:42 How to handle the rejected message from AWS SES?
01:20:51 MuxEmail compared to Mautic, Sendy, Send in Blue, Mailgun, Moosend, Automizy & Kirim
01:22:51 Own SMTP server compared to Public IP
01:26:46 Can we remove the branding?
01:27:42 Can I add multiple APIs?
01:27:50 Request for production is denied
01:29:15 Visual builder inside MuxEmail
01:29:23 How Big MuxEmail Team & clients you have.
01:30:50 Conclusion

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  1. Alston Antony on April 18, 2021 at 7:18 am

    Update: Got approved for SES: Thank you for submitting your request to increase your sending limits. Your new sending quota is 50,000 messages per day. Your maximum send rate is now 14 messages per second. We have also moved your account out of the Amazon SES sandbox.