Mistakes to avoid in Domaining | Buying and Selling Domain Names | Learn Domaining in Hindi

Mistakes to avoid in Domaining | Buying and Selling Domain Names | Learn Domaining in Hindi

Before telling you What to do, I want to tell what Not To Do in Domaining!

Please go through this video and keep these 8 mistakes to avoid always in your mind.

This is my another video in the Domaining in Hindi series. I am sure this will help you Learn Domaining.

I will be creating more such videos regularly. I have 20 years of experience in Domaining. When I started I did not have any mentor but now I have been assisting many new domainers and budding entrepreneurs start their Domaining journey. Learn Buying and Selling Domain Names in Hindi.


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    Hello Manpreet. Thanks for sharing the wonderful information. I need some more clarification on why not to buy domain name similar to any business name as you mentioned at the last of the video. As a leyman I think if I know a business name X and the same domain name is still available and I buy it with a vision that someday that business will need this domain which is quite obvious in this digital era. I have heard a similar story of fb.com. Curiously waiting for your kind response.


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