Melinda Webber Keynote – 2019 WCGTC World Conference

Melinda Webber Keynote – 2019 WCGTC World Conference

Unleashing Indigenous potential: The purpose, power, and promise of gifted education

One of the greatest challenges impacting gifted Indigenous students’ participation in education concerns the restoration and experience of cultural pride and efficacy in their lives. Low teacher expectations of Indigenous students, inappropriate gifted identification criteria, ruinous media misrepresentation, and internalised deficit thinking by Indigenous students themselves, are key reasons why Indigenous under-participation in gifted education exists and persists.In this presentation, I use Aotearoa New Zealand as a case study, focusing on how Māori identity development affects the wellbeing, motivation, and academic engagement of gifted Māori students. Along with describing the importance and manifestation of gifted potential in Māori students’ lives, I offer solutions for change using the findings of the Ka Awatea study (Macfarlane, Webber, McRae and Cookson-Cox, 2014). Five social-psychological themes concerning the personal, familial, school, and community conditions for gifted Maori students thriving are discussed: Mana Whānau (familial pride), Mana Motuhake (personal pride and a sense of embedded achievement), Mana Tū (tenacity and self-esteem), Mana Ūkaipo (cultural belonging and connectedness) and Mana Tangatarua (the ability to maximise their bi- and multi-cultural knowledge bases).

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    What an inspiring speech. Thank you so much for sharing it on Youtube.