Managing Active Directory and CORE Server Domain Controllers – 3 of 4

Managing Active Directory and CORE Server Domain Controllers – 3 of 4

Managing Active Directory and CORE Server Domain Controllers – 3 of 4

C. Setting Up a 2019 Management Workstation

1. (00:37) Managing CORE Domain Controllers and AD With a 2019 Management Client
2. (01:44)You could also argue? That Management Workstations are too important to have Dynamic IPs, and so should have Static IPs like servers so they do not lose connectivity to the hosts they manage in the event of DHCP failure. Give Management Workstation a STATIC IP
3. (02:07) Configuring a Static IP
4. (03:15) Joining the DOMAIN as a Member Server or WorkStation
5. (05:07) Signing in LOCALLY vs. Signing into the DOMAIN on a
Member Server Joined to Active Directory
6. (06:42) Configuring the New Active Directory User Logon Profile
7. (08:46) Creating a Domain Admin Account to Manage Active Directory With Using ADUC
Hiring the IT Genius Twilight Sparkle
(09:23) Twilight Sparkle – Domain Admin Extraordinaire
(10:34) Twilight Sparkle – Patron Saint of Nerds
8. (12:45) In Previous Videos We Downloaded and Installed Windows Admin Center.
Now We Only Need to Configure it for our Domain Admin Twilight
9. (14:13) Installing the Active Directory Extension in Windows Admin Center
10. (15:36) ADUC and ADAC
11. (17:31) Setting up DNS Forwarding On CORE Domain Controller
ADI DNS Servers Using a Management Client
12. (17:59) Installing Remote Server Administration Tools On a 2019 Management Client
13. (20:27) Configuring DNS Forwarding On CORE Servers Using a 2019 Management Client
14. (26:08) Configuring Clients to Use a Secondary Auxillary DNS Server for Fault Tolerance

Setting Up Active Directory and Domain Controllers On Server CORE –

Installation of 2019 Core Server and Windows Admin Center –

PowerShell Topics –

The Playful PowerShell Playlist:

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  1. fbi fido on May 24, 2022 at 11:40 pm

    @27:14 – root hint should allow you to reach internet by default without your forward to, you should have tried it first.
    but it would work, unless MS change something.

  2. fbi fido on May 24, 2022 at 11:53 pm

    @21:53 – do you know how or if possible to setup DNS over TLS or DoH for Server 2019/2022 for forward lookups?

  3. Sergio Estuardo Contreras Ovalle on May 25, 2022 at 12:10 am

    Thank you for the video.