It is now easier to get a travel-domain

It is now easier to get a travel-domain

If you are a member of the travel industry, you should be interested in the registration of this domain, as consumers and experts will also look for your offer at .travel, as soon as this domain exists.

The travel-domain will be the online community for the travel and tourism industry. The travel registry Tralliance plans to expand and strengthen that community through on-going outreach program by recruiting members for The Travel Partnership Corporation and through broad-based programs to involve the community in policy development.

Tralliance will offer every
It is now easier to get a travel-domain
registrant a listing in the .travel Directory as part of the standard services included with a .travel domain name. Among its many benefits, the most valuable will be to match buyers and sellers of travel products and services. The directory will be a global online source of travel data organized according to a unique vocabulary developed for the travel industry by Tralliance and supported by a world-leader in cataloguing and search. The .travel Directory will allow a user to search from over 1400 relevant categories covering all facets of travel including: Destinations,Accommodation , Activities, Transportation and Travel Services. This directory will be a first for the domain name world, differentiating .travel — from all other TLDs.

The .travel Directory will be the first value-added service from .travel Registry , demonstrating Tralliance?s technology leadership. The aim of a sponsored TLD is enhancement of a defined community on the Internet. Tralliance plans to deliver an array of new products and services, building on its unique industry directory services and industry authentication, to support brand and identity growth, e-commerce, and domain name value and flexibility.

ICANN Registrar Secura ( helps now the customers at the pre-authentification and does all paper work for the customers. Therefore it is now easier to get an travel-domain.

Hans-Peter Oswald