Is Amazon Adopting Cryptocurrency? (2021)

Is Amazon Adopting Cryptocurrency? (2021)

Amazon, crypto, and Bitcoin in 2021.

The rumor we all know and love, Amazon adopting cryptocurrency.
Some say it’s inevitable it’s just a matter of time. Still, this is speculation. Nowadays we have more reason.
It’s safe to say, that wasn’t a light dabble. Amazon took over the fashion industry.
Beyond products and shipping. The company is thriving in the media generation with their own music streaming service. In 2010, on a crowdsourcing platform, Amazon introduced opportunity for aspiring scriptwriters that led to Amazon Studios producing original, Emmy Award-winning, TV shows exclusively for Amazon consumers.
Amazon is clearly not bound by the concept of normalcy. In 2016 a team assessed overall operation of their supply chain and came up with the “blimp-warehouse” that would use a fleet of drones to deliver packages to customers.
Amazon seems to have feelers out there in just about any industry. We saw advancements in the auto industry when Amazon and Ford worked together to expand Alexa’s home abilities beyond the drywall.
A couple weeks ago in December 2020 Amazon released a promo showcasing their ROBO Taxi prototype. A groundbreaking project they have been working on for the last 6 years to create a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable way for people to travel around cities. Bi-directional, fully electric, and fully autonomous. With no steering wheel, its designed for riders, not

Amazon more than revolutionizes every industry it touches, it evolutionizes.

Amazon has no been collecting crypto and bitcoin related domain names, and has been very tight lipped about their stance on crypto in general. But bitcoin, ethereum, and ripple along with the new lightning network look to be in Amazon’s very near future, perhaps in 2021.

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