How to start a domain flipping business | $2543 Per Month

How to start a domain flipping business | $2543 Per Month

How to start a Domain flipping business, yeah, I mean buying website names and selling them for a really high price.

Now in this video im going to take you guys step by step, of the start-up cost, expenses, and also the profits of this business.

– Now just for some proof, this month, these domains here have sold for more than 500k and these here the big dogs like have sold for 30million

How to start a domain flipping business | 3157 Per Month

Start-up Cost:
Its all about your budget, how much money do you have to invest in this
Some domains Cost: $2 and some cost 30 million

Top Selling domains in History: 30million voice ( this year) and SXE sold for 14million (2005)

Cost of Domain and holding it
Privacy of the domain to hide your address ( 10-15$)
Renewing every year you to hold it

Tip: You can sign up for a virtual address an office ad use that address and use a business number to avoid paying 10 per domain.

Resell value:
Example the gets around 673k searches per month ( that’s a lot of revenue every time someone clicks
Imagine SXE 37million searcher per month and tons of ads

How to

To buy Domains:
– Godaddy

1. Know your budget
– How much are you willing to spend on Domains and how much do you have

2. Pick a niche of focus
– Understand the industry
– Understand the buyer

3. Find names that offer real value ( how keywords and this is sometimes short term)
– or things that are hot at the moment and you might be able to sell
– Keyword SEO checking: Checking the traffic the domain will provide for that industry or person
– Including Keywords in the domain ( While being reader-friendly and catchy
– Questions: Why would someone want this domain,
what type of domains does that industry/market want
How do they spend on advertising
How will the domain help them ( its less about you and more about them)

4. Check Domain availability
– Local Also: see what’s going on in your local area and see what that industry you pick might want.
– 17 characters or less
– No special characters
– Find existing ones (might still be profitable)
– If you can find the domain keyword, find domains relating to it
– Consider .com .net and other stuff
– I use go daddy link down below
– And also go Daddy Action to check prices and the market

5. Evaluate The price ( Is it in your price range

You can use
– To see how much similar domains have sold for
Godaddy to see how much they are listed for
Also Afternic link:

Also ( to see the months latest sales )

Appraise the value:

Be patient
First with your price and have reason ( but also flexible for offers)
6. Get your Domains Front and center ( Put it out there in the market )
– Pick a place with good rating and history in the better business bureau
– Approche people that are In the market and understand the value
– Never sell right away it’s not about quick cash its about doing research and holding and comparing offers

Name Jet:
7. Risk
– Legal trouble for using very similar domain names to a brand
– Liquidity of money: You might have to hold for years until you can make a profit
– Value: is depending on the market and the person you’re selling it to

Final thoughts
It’s a holding game, and it’s a game of finding the right buyer, that might take years or months who knows.





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