How To Pick The Best Real Estate Business Name

How To Pick The Best Real Estate Business Name

Choosing the right real estate business name can feel overwhelming, but it is something every investor or other real estate professional will have to face at least once in their career.

The perfect real estate business name is memorable, yet describes your business; creative, yet to the point; catchy, yet leaves a meaningful impression.

Here are 5 tips for choosing a business name that’s right for you:

-Avoid using your first, last, or family name
-Avoid the term investor – the word can pigeonhole your business opportunities

-Be creative
-Visualize your brand story
-Your target audience’s taste
-Incorporate your values
-Incorporate your values
-Incorporate your “why” for being in business

-Has your desired name already been registered?
-How are your biggest competitors naming their
-Avoid choosing names that are too similar (but also too
different) from your competitors.
-Does the name you are choosing have an alternate
meaning that could harm your reputation?

-Step 1: Before choosing a name, check to see if you can establish a unique web presence.
-Step 2: Purchase the domain name
-Visit a domain registrar (like and search
for the availability of your .com
-Step 3: Register social media profiles
-Determine which platforms are most relevant for your
business and be sure to incorporate your business name
in your various handles.

-Ask yourself: “in what ways will my business name be used to tell my brand story?”
-Is it memorable?
-Is it too trendy? / Will it eventually go out of style?
-Is it easy to spell and pronounce?
-Can you associate it with a tagline?
-Does it have a theme you can visually display?

As the face of your business, and often your first chance to make an impression, your real estate business’s name has the potential to make you or break you.

So follow these five tips to select a title that is both unforgettable and stands out from the competition!

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    I really think you need to have something that’s a real ear worm so to speak. Because as the owner of spanks said one time short sweet with a ring to it.

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