How to make money online buying and selling domains?

How to make money online buying and selling domains?

In this video, I will be showing you how you can also make money from buying and selling domain names. If you choose the right domain name with the right buyers in mind, you can sell for profits. [click on SHOW MORE to see notes]

Disclaimer: It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not a lottery. Please seek professional advice before investing your hard-earned money.

Things you need:

1. Basic IT skills
2. Set up an account with a domain registrar such as EPIK
3. Free account with
4. Free account with
5. Free account with
6. A credit card or PayPal account (Minimum $10)

Step 1: Find a good name

How do I come up with Names?

1. Focus on your specialist area or interests or trends
2. Check Sales History at to see what sells and for what price.
3. Look through Expired Domains (over 100k names expire daily and some of them can be valuable. You can grab them on the day it drops before everyone)
4. Use name generators like or use your creativity to come up with the name. Check websites like or to get some ideas.

General Guidelines:

Dot COM name
Less than 10 Characters Long
One or Two English Words (Possibly three if it can be used for marketing campaigns)
Easy to spell
Easy to Say
Easy to remember
Avoid Obvious Trademarks (eg.,
Use to check
Good Search Volume on Google & Companies using Google Ads for the keyword.
Businesses operating on less superior extensions such as .net, .org.

Step 2: Find a place to buy the name

1. www.EPIK.COM

I will be using as you can BUY – VALUATE – SELL – LEASE domains all in one place. It’s easier for beginners.

Please use my affiliate link in the description so we can carry on making free videos.

I will also be showing how to list them on other marketplaces like AFTERNIC.COM.

Please my Video on how to Buy and Sell using here:

Step3: How to Sell to end-users?

Inbound: If your name is good, people will find you by typing your name in the browser or find you through Afternic or other market places you have listed your name.

Outbound: Use Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Business Directory etc to find suitable end-users and email them or call them. Do not SPAM people. Only contact if it’s relevant to them. Always respect local and international laws.

Step4: GMAIL vs Your Custom email.

Gmail is good enough as long as you have your name @ (not.
Make sure to have a signature.
Create a simple email template that you can use. Always try different variations of the email to see what works for you. Don’t over-promise or make false claims like it’s going to make them generate millions in profits or put them on the top spot on Google.

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    Thank you for watching my view. This is the first video I made on making money buying and selling domains. I had some feedback from users that it was a bit fast, the texts are too small or there are no clear voice instructions etc. I have added notes in the description (and update if there is any change) so feel free to read and email me if you don’t understand anything. I will do my best to guide you until you can walk on your own. I wish you all the best. Take Care. You can also follow me on Twitter @busyfather

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