How to Enable/Disable Domain Privacy Protection | Whois Privacy Protection | ResellerClub

How to Enable/Disable Domain Privacy Protection | Whois Privacy Protection | ResellerClub

If you have registered a domain name in the past without Privacy Protection, you could relate to the harassment of constant calls, emails, SMS from Web Development Agencies. This video talks about how you can protect your personal details over the internet from telemarketers and spammers that target you with these unwanted SMS, emails and phone calls.

When you register a domain name, your personal information including your name, email address and contact number is made public on the Whois search tool. Domain privacy protection or Whois privacy protection helps you mask your real contact details with placeholder data. That is, domain privacy protection hides domain information and replaces it with proxy information. ResellerClub ensures all your personal information is safeguarded with its privacy protection for all the domain names registered

To enable domain privacy protection for your domain name, please follow the steps mentioned below:
Login to your Reseller Account ( )
Click on Products
Click on List all orders and click on your domain name from the list given.
Once you are on the Domain overview page, scroll down to Domain Registration section. Here you will find Privacy protection.
Click on Privacy Protection and now click on Buy privacy Protection.
Complete the Privacy protection purchase flow and the service will be activated.

Remember, once you have enabled domain privacy protection, it can take around 4-6 hours to reflect on all whois lookup engines globally. Whois privacy protection is dependent on the tenure of your domain, hence it is advisable to purchase privacy protection along with your domain registration order.

There are a few domain extensions which do not support privacy protection on our platform and for these domains you won’t be able to see the domain privacy protection option under the domain registration section. You can also refer to our Knowledge base to identify the domain extensions that don’t support Whois privacy protection.

Similarly, you can also disable the domain privacy protection using the toggle switch. It might not reflect on all whois lookup engines instantly as it will take around 4-6 hours for it.

The GDPR Protection feature prevents your personal information from being displayed in the public WHOIS records. This feature is only available for domain names registered by users in the European Economic Area. You can look up GDPR on our blog here:

If the domain name’s associated contact details like Registrant,Admin,Billing and Tech Contact have an address which falls under European Economic Area, GDPR protect will automatically be enabled.

A domain name that has GDPR Protection can still choose to buy domain privacy protection, if the customer wants to be reached through the WHOIS inquiries. You can also disable GDPR Protection but only if it’s absolutely necessary as we would not advise you to it.
We regularly monitor domains which have GDPR protect enabled to see if the contact details are genuine and the service is not being exploited.

To disable GDPR protect, click on the option and toggle to disable. An approval email will be sent to the registrant contact email ID that needs to be approved, post the approval the service will be disabled. This will take 4-6 hours to reflect on global whois lookup engines.

Now that you have activated domain privacy protection, all your personal information has been protect from unwanted solicitations.

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