how to earn money buying and selling domain names online

how to earn money buying and selling domain names online

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Who doesn’t want to earn a profit while doing business? Everyone wants to taste profit and success. But many get stuck, follow the wrong track, and end up in a disaster. The same is the case when if one isn’t aware of the business of buying and selling domains.

If you are new to buying and selling online domains, here are some points you should know before getting your hands dirty.

Best places to buy domains from.
Best places to sell domains.
The domain transfer process.
The price at which you should sell domains.
Trademark issues while buying and selling domain names.
This post will deal with the best way of buying and selling domains. It’s going to revolve around how you can find domains, how to buy and sell domain names, can you make money selling domains, how to make money, best places to sell domains, and how to value your domain.


~ who is Mr stingy ?
Mr stingy is is a character that I decided to go with since I don’t like to spend money on things that don’t add value to me

~ what is Mr stingy channel about ?
The channel is about ways one can make money either online or offline. I will be providing ideas and ways one can generate passive income from their side hustle.

~ are you stingy in person ?
Well I’m not stingy I just love to invest money and think of how I can make even more money

~ how old are you Mr stingy ?
I’m 21 years ; )

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