How to Buy and Sell Domains With a Domain Broker | The Journey

How to Buy and Sell Domains With a Domain Broker | The Journey

For nearly as long as the internet has existed, savvy investors have found a way to make a profit buying and selling domain names. However, unless you know how to do it, buying or selling domain names yourself can be a complicated, confusing and stressful process.

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What is a domain broker?
There are some that specialize in one or both, but they all have one main goal, help facilitate a deal between the owner of a domain name and the buyer of a domain name.

What does a domain broker do?
Set a budget
Domain brokers are knowledgeable about the value of domain names and are able to determine a realistic budget for the purchase or sale.

Stay neutral
They’re Switzerland. A third party, with no personal interest, is an ideal person to have managing situations that involve money.

Track down domain owners and buyers
It can be tricky to find either the owner of a domain you want or the right buyer for the domain you’re trying to sell. They’re skilled detectives, able to uncover the information needed.

Oversee the monetary transaction
Again, having a knowledgeable third party managing the deal, papering a formal purchase or sale agreement as well as consummating the transaction through a domain escrow service is the ideal choice.

Facilitate the domain transfer
Not only can they oversee that process, but they can also accelerate the speed of that transfer happening while making sure it’s being done in the safest and most secure manner possible.

You don’t have to work with a domain broker. However, if you pay Real Estate Agents to sell your home, or accountants to do your taxes, why not a domain broker to sell your domain?

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