How to add a domain in WordPress – Domain Setup Beginners Tutorial

How to add a domain in WordPress – Domain Setup Beginners Tutorial

In this video I will show how to add domain in WordPress in a few simple steps. This wordpress domain setup will also help you understand how to install wordpress. So after this video you know how to connect domain to wordpress and be ready for the next step.

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Hosting & Domain provider I use on all my websites:
Elementor Free version (download link):
Elementor Pro (all 3 packages have the same features, I have the $199 one):

— Hardware that I use for videos
Macbook Pro 13 inch:
Camera: RX100 Mark 3:
Microphone: Zoom H1:
Mini Tripod (for the mic):

— Helpful videos
How to Install Elementor and WordPress. Watch:
Elementor Beginners Tutorial. Watch:

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A little personal message for the old HGD squad:

I’ve been trying to build my portfolio with only free tools in Elementor. I will show that result soon. There is already a little sneak peak in this tutorial hidden. More on that soon! Just wanted to have this essential tutorial out there on my channel

For the LivingWithPixels website I’ve quickly designed one page, just to have something to place the download/buy links. But I will be designing the website from scratch together with you guys! Also more on that soon.


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    I have got inmotion but my 3 websites are slow, so I will come back to Siteground! Thanks for sharing this

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    does wordpress has FREE own domain name and free web hosting?

  5. Demon Fiend on August 7, 2021 at 9:14 pm

    I have an issue, my old domain expired and i purchased a whole new domain. Now i cant get into my site (Its locally hosted). Every time i use the localhost/websitename it says a Captcha isnt allowed on localhost. This is preventing me from logging in. Is there a way to just insert my new Domain in through the Php Files?, i tried changing the site URL and site home, but those dont seem to work.

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    Great video. Tank

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    Thank you soooo much for this tutorial. I’ve downloaded at least 10 videos but I’m still stuck until i saw this. I’m grateful

    Also is Bluehost any good? That was what I could afford

    Finally, I think you’re very cute ☺

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    "SiteGround services are not available in the selected country."

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    im want to use aweber as for my landing pages so basically aweber asking to connect with domain which i got it from wordpress now i have to set it do i need a hosting?

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    For the old HGD squad: In the video you can see a little sneak peak of my portfolio that i’ve been testing to build. It’s not done yet, I will update you on that soon. Also: the LivingWithPixels website is not done at all. As promised, we’re gonna design that website together. Don’t worry! Just wanted to have this essential video on my channel and a place to put all the links for now.

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    Very good video. Straight to the point and helpful for beginners like me. Thank you

  18. Damiano Todeschini on August 7, 2021 at 9:28 pm

    Hi Rino! I like so much your project and your workflow! The design is more clean and super cool 🙂 I’m an italian web designer/developer and I work with WP and Elementor too with SiteGround as provider. Have you considered the local development instead the remote? I think it’s more fast and comfortable. You can quickly and easily install WP using Local by Flywheel and you can easily move your site using a plugin like All In One WP Migration. Great tools for me! Thank you so much for your videos! 🙂

  19. Faisal Amirul Othman on August 7, 2021 at 9:28 pm

    Hi Rino, what a great video!

    Can you give me suggestion, what the best theme to use with Elementor Pro?

    Is it Hello theme by Elementor?

    Subscribe done!

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Rino! I like your videos they are very helpful, thanks a lot 🙂

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    if you were going to create a book store to sell books and items, create a mailing email list, and set up links, where do u go?

  22. Erron White on August 7, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    Nice video, I have a site that I coded myself that I am trying to move to WP using elementor. Can you build a WP site without using the domain? I don’t want my current site to come down until the WP site is 100% done.

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    i like straight to the point tutorials

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    If client wants to have his own hosting, how do you assist with signing up by making sure you are the admin of the site and setup a WP Manager Role later on(so they can edit content only)?

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    Why did you chose a .com site and not .nl?

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    Hi, thank you very much for this tutorial I’ve learned a lot. How do you deal with the renewal pricing though? Siteground’s starter prices seem okay for 1 year but their renewal prices are so expensive! Furthermore, I can’t lock in the same price for 3 years without the price going up. For example the GrowBig plan is $9.99 for the first 12 months. If I try to lock it in for 24 months, the price is $14.99. What alternatives do you suggest?

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    Hi Rino! Thanks for your great videos. One question: Which basic theme are you using for creating websites with elementor? Are you always use the same?

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    I want to learn wordpress i don’t have a money to buy any plan so how to learn

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    Hi Rino, what’s your take on Cloudways, especially now since Siteground’s new pricing model?

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    do i need to buy wordpress bussiness plan in order to install the plugin(elementor)?

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    Hey Rino. I am new here. That’s my first video seen here.
    Why you say keep the budget small?
    I just bought my WP plan for 4€ per month so its 48€ a year. Domain was free this year, next year 18€
    And dont you need to buy better than Personal Plan to add plugins to WordPress? My plan don’t include any plugins, it sucks actually

  40. Damon Claxton on August 7, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    Hi Rhino,
    Firstly loving your videos, keep up the good work!
    Would you be able to do a video on a situation where a customer has their own domain and hosting etc and want you to create a website for them and hand over.
    I have a friend who has a domain and hosting and wants me to put together a simple website. HELP haha
    Thank you.

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    any other good suggestion, pls

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