– Ultra-Rare Premium Domain Name Now Available for Acquisition – Ultra-Rare Premium Domain Name Now Available for Acquisition

Introducing – One of the single most distinctive names ever registered for use online.

This may be one of the rarest opportunities ever presented to own a name of this attraction strength. We anticipate it will sell very quickly given the opportunity for first-time ownership, and the tactical possibilities it opens within the real estate market. Offers for the domain name are being considered at the starting price of USD $30 million and above, with several current project applications already strongly considering acquisition.

In the view of industry market analysts, the name may be heavily underpriced, given the direct additional benefit of organic type-in traffic to support an endless flow of global real estate requests. Depending on the application wanted, it gives any realty-based organization an incredible upper hand in the marketplace due to the strength and power of its subject focus and messaging. From an online SEO perspective, for density, frequency, and relativity factors, it is near unmatched and reflects one of the highest value associations for any domain registered to current date.

In our experience, this is an unprecedented opportunity to own one of the rarest possible domain names that has ever presented itself. We don’t expect the owner to keep the name available on the open market for very long, as the positioning value of the name will inevitably drive some form of active venture or outright purchase within a short time period.

If you are interested in discussing the escrow procedures for purchase and transfer, please email or call at your convenience at US +1 (815) 429-3254.