Google Domains Tutorial- How to Launch your Website, Business, or Lab

Google Domains Tutorial- How to Launch your Website, Business, or Lab

Name your website and launch your business or lab’s computer system with Google Domains! Google Domains is an easy cheap way to make professional websites. Using Jupyter io with Google Domains you we build a coding platform for your group in minutes. You can also use gsuite to give employees gmail and google docs.

*Tutorial Topics*

Introduction- 0:0
I introduce google domains and show how I use it to create professional domain names for my websites. It can also be used to give your employees google docs and excel with gsuite. For tech companies or labs you can then use io to create a computing system.

Set Web Domain- 1:32
I explained how to find a domain name. I then show how to attach your websites ip address to your domain name using DNS records. This involves setting up registers hosts and custom resource records.

Employees Gmail with GSuite- 5:42
You can use GSuite to give all of your employees a gmail account. This also gives everyone access to things like google docs, google calendar and google sheets (excel). This costs just $6 per each gmail account.

Set Jupyter io Computer System- 7:09
You can set your labs computer system so that every can code using Jupyter io. We set up Jupyter io on google cloud. Each person create a google cloud account and uses google compute engine to launch Jupiter io. In io you can program in any language (C++, Python, R, Java, Javascript). I explain the benefits using google versus creating a server for a computer system. Also, Google cloud is free for the first year!

io online- 13:13
io online makes it possible for everyone in your lab to stay connected and share their work. The io news rooms allows is a place were people can share their code and applications with everyone online. In seconds you can set you lab in io online so that you the work that other lab members are publishing. io online is built on top of a Github, the most popular platform for sharing open source code.

Conclusion- 15:59
I go over the costs of using google domains and Jupyter io on google cloud and show that it’s cheap for any individual, business, or lab. Hope you guys enjoyed it!


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  4. Kevin Leon on April 8, 2021 at 4:13 am

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  7. Randal Mauderer on April 8, 2021 at 4:17 am

    Google Sites / Google Suite is the worst headache I ever
    had. I contacted support and  each person
    would disconnect after they did not know what to do.  Creating a simple site in Google Sites is one
    thing – having it work?  Ha ha.  I am now told I must have a separate web
    hosting company.  I got domains from
    Google domains, bought G Suite, etc. and it is all totally worthless. The
    previous 4 people in support did not have any knowledge at all of the things in
    G Suite.  All I wanted was for my 2nd
    and 3rd domain purchases from Google, with pages created in G Suite –
    TO WORK ! Thats it! I have spent about 4 hours in chat and it only made things
    worse ! This is beyond insane. The most simple questions – I could not get
    answers to them.  Then after hours, they
    ALWAYS disconnect when they realize they don’t know what to do!  Please help me.  I should have never used G Suite. Your
    management needs to review this please (all my chats). I need a response from management
    please. You should use this in training. I think I should get a full refund for
    everything I have spent on G Suite in the last few months and find somebody
    else like Word Press that actually knows what they are doing.  Even that will not even begin to compensate me
    for everything I have been through.  I
    plan to do detailed reviews of services like G Suite and promote them on
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    and none of your support people know how to use it. This is beyond being a
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    Before all of this, I spent a lot of time in different
    support pages. Is it that difficult to buy a domain and create pages that work
    for their domains?

    The first domain I purchased and actually got working was

    Since then I have wanted to get many other domains/websites
    for separate ventures.  I thought I could
    just create all the pages and manage them in G Suite. BIG mistake.

    I have purchased 2 more domains so far and created a page
    for one of them:  (cannot get the page to work at the URL)
     (I haven’t even begun trying to get this
    one to work!)

    They do not work. I am now told I need a separate web
    hosting company. Why didn’t I need that for my first site, I
    thought that was the whole point of this creating sites and buying domains.

    I want to be able to use and mange twenty different domains
    / websites ! I can’t even get 2 to work after many hours. I want to totally get
    rid of G Suite and get a refund for all the money I have paid.

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  9. Stuart Stuart on April 8, 2021 at 4:19 am

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    Do you need to:
    1. Set a static IP address in your LAN. (?)
    2. Forwarding your WAN IP address throught an specific port depending on your prupose to your LAN IP. (?)
    Confirm me, please. I’m trying to launch my website.

  10. Styxzy on April 8, 2021 at 4:19 am

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