Global Digital Encounters (16): Protecting Domain Names In A Worldwide Context

Global Digital Encounters (16): Protecting Domain Names In A Worldwide Context

During, and further to the COVID Crisis, digital business, and access to digital information increased exponentially. The protection of Internet Domain Names became more and more important for business operators, and also for Organizations highly visible on the net, i.e. for society in general. The value of Domain Names thus increased exponentially, exposing them, and the IP assets they relate to, to cyberattacks, cybersquatting and cyber-grabbing. How is /can IP Protection be currently further enhanced? What kind of consensus may exist in various parts of the world and in international fora for such an enhancement? For this Session of our Global Digital Encounters, Speakers from Europe, Asia, and North America with a variety of opinions will provide a worldwide picture of the future of IP protection connected to Domain Names, and for re-imagining IP in this area in favor of both business and consumers/society.

In this 16th GDE, we’ll discuss the protection of domain names in a worldwide context

To do so, we’ve brought together an excellent panel with speakers from Canada/Singapore, the UK, and Spain.


Malcolm BAIN, Partner at Across Legal
Caroline BERUBE, Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law
Moderator: Joe SEKHON, Senior Lecturer in IP Law at the University of Portsmouth

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