Easily Import Data from Web to Excel (2 Practical Examples)

Easily Import Data from Web to Excel (2 Practical Examples)

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You’d like to bring data from a web page into Excel? Instead of copying and pasting, use “Get and Transform” (Power Query) from the “Data” tab. This way you can import website data properly into Excel. Once you create a web query you can automatically get the latest data in Excel. You just have to refresh your query and update the query settings so it runs a refresh at specific intervals defined by you.

Getting data from a web page has never been easier. Just Open Excel, go to the “Data” tab and click on “From Web”. Enter the web address of the external page you’d like to import. Power Query opens and tries to find the html tables on that web page. Select the correct table and transform your data. This step gives you the ability to customize your output. You can for example, fill in the blanks by automatically copying down the top values. You can remove the columns you don’t need and clean up the data. Once done, you can view the data in an Excel table, as an Excel Pivot Table or create a connection to the query.

Note: Importing web data with Power Query this way requires the tables on the web pages to be in HTML format – otherwise they’re not recognized in the Navigator view.

00:00 How to Import Data from Websites to Excel
01:15 Importing Crude Oil Spot Prices to Excel
04:59 Getting the Latest Weather Data into Excel
07:25 Bonus – Using Emojis in Power Query

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