Domaining Power Course Lesson #2 – Buying Domain Names

Domaining Power Course Lesson #2 – Buying Domain Names – To put it simply, the domain flipping means, that an entrepreneur buys a cheap domain name, grow its value and sell it with a good price. The system follows the old truth to buy cheap and sell high. The domain flipping system increases the value of the domain with the typical brand building tactics.

1. Is The Domain Flipping Difficult?

Actually it can be time-consuming if an entrepreneur does wrong things and spend his energy into actions, which are not that effective. An effective flipping requires special tricks and a decent plan to become profitable.

When a marketer starts to plan how to flip domains and to make money, he has to understand that not all niches, keywords and domain names are equal. In some businesses the companies pay huge amounts for the domain name and in some other industry they are almost free.

2. A Website Is Needed For The Domain Name Flipping.

First a marketer has to think, what is the niche where he wants to operate and on what basis the site value will be based. The future value of the domain can be the name alone or the name, the brand image and the amount of visitors, all together.

3. The Time Factor.

The domain name flipping takes some time. You may know, that the older domain names are more valuable than the newer ones, because the big search engines favour the old domains. Also the organic traffic comes little by little because the from mouth to mouth effect works quite slowly.

4. The Domain Flipping Courses.

In the about the author box of this article you can find a special course, which will teach how to flip domains and to host even hundreds of domains with a cheap price, to increase their value, to monetize them and then to sell with a profit.

One of the key things is to learn, how to research the domains and which free tools a marketer has in use. It is also useful to be able to generate related free traffic to the site because that simply makes the site more valuable.

5. Companies Pay Good For The Established Domains.

This system is the same as in the traditional world. If a company or a private marketer wants a quick business start, it or he wants to buy an existing online business with a known and reputable domain name. If the domain name brings also income, the better. This opportunity is growing, because the brands become more and more important in the Internet marketing and because the marketers know, how long it takes to build the trust, i.e. a strong brand.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. You have to learn the domain flipping correctly. This video course will teach you how to flip domains profitably.

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  1. Super Seal Exteriors on February 10, 2022 at 10:41 pm

    You havent mentioned how people make fortunes on new suffixes yet.. like when apps came out, rentalapp . com was nothing in 2005, but in 2017 it is a million dollar domain. I just heard of someone selling some gaming vr domains for a fortune….. and Apparaently they came out in Japan and made a huge profit on the domains. Im looking for more info on trends like this…. are they secure, how often?