Domain Name System Explained

Domain Name System Explained

Have you ever wondered how the Internet really works? Many people do, from simple web surfing to sharing pictures on social media. In fact, the Internet heavily relies on something called a DNS: a database of network names and IP addresses. These three little letters hold huge weight. Without DNS, the Internet as we know it would simply not exist, and we would be left dealing in ones and zeroes. Without DNS, everyday activities such as shopping, web browsing, research, communications, or downloading would not be possible. That is why experts usually refer to DNS as the Phonebook of the Internet.

So, what is DNS and why is it important? In brief, DNS is a comprehensive translation system used to search the Internet. You might wonder, naturally, what it translates. Well, in the simplest definition, DNS is the term used to describe a system that assigns user-friendly names to unique IP addresses. It translates unfathomable amounts of data into words and phrases in order to provide clear and accurate search results.

While computers communicate using strings of numbers, humans, obviously, do not. DNS translates such number strings into human-friendly phrases. You see, each IP address must be distinct in a network, which allows users to reach a particular website. An IP address could be a set of any four numbers, from 0 to 255, like When you type a domain name into your browser, the DNS system bursts into action, translating the browser name into the IP address associated with the website. Once the website IP address is found, your computer connects with the web host and the requested page is displayed on your computer. While the concept might seem basic, DNS is a cornerstone in how the Internet functions.

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