Domain Name Registrars | Tutorial

Domain Name Registrars | Tutorial

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When it comes to domain name registration, there are many different registrars we can choose from. A Google search on domain registrars will produce 100s of results, all offering different incentives to register through their service.

It is very important to select a registrar that is reputable, and also offers domain name security, and administration through an online portal.

Remember, the more time you spend building your websites brand, the more valuable it becomes. It is not uncommon for a web based business to become successful over a short period of time. Using a registrar that does not provide adequate support, or secure your domain name, can leave it vulnerable to theft, and be very costly later on.

The registrar you choose will primarily hinge on the value you attribute to the domain, now and in the future.

Like any business, the more time and resource you invest into it, the more valuable it becomes. If you plan on making large investments in building your websites brand, or spending a lot of time on it, you want to make sure you use a well-established domain registrar that works with other well-known internet brands.

A few examples include:, and

These companies are well known in the industry and used by some of the largest internet based companies in the world such as Twitter and Facebook.

They offer extensive brand protection services, including domain monitoring, enforcement, security, and trademarking.

Note that these companies are also more expensive, especially if you decide to use their extended brand protection services.

If you are a start-up company or registering a domain for a personal website, you likely don’t need anything that sophisticated, or costly.

For a small to medium sized web-based business, some of the popular registrars include:,,

Each one of these companies offer relatively strong domain security and administration services through their web based portals.

If we were to use statistics as a measure of registrar popularity, is easily the largest, administering over 50 million domain names.