Domain Name & Business Name in Canada – The Canadian Business Guide!

Domain Name & Business Name in Canada – The Canadian Business Guide!

If you have many unanswered questions about domain name registration or how to register your business name, you have come to the right place! The registration process is simple and straightforward with Ontario Business Central. Let’s dive in!

Throughout this video, we take you through the process of searching for your desired business name and custom domain name all in one place. Our easy online application allows you to determine if your desired business name is available within the NUANS databank and at the same time, complete the domain search for available domain(s) with the proper registration authorities.

We explain what the NUANS databank is and how this will benefit you when determining the availability of your desired name of business and domain name. We also discuss the major differences between a .ca domain and .com domain and why it can be beneficial to register for both domain endings of .ca and .com domain search for your online store.

Our easy online application allows you to determine if the name you want for the business is available within the NUANS databank and at the same time, search the domain registry for your desired perfect domain name.

What is a NUANS databank? Great question.
The NUANS data bank provides the most comprehensive list of business names across Canada whether they are registered, incorporated or trademarked. There really is no better way to search for the availability of business names.

When it comes to searching the domain name registrar for your desired domain name, we will give you the option to search for domain extensions with .ca, .com or both. You may be thinking, why is this important and what do those mean for my online presence?

Well, when you register your domain, .ca is the internet country code associated with businesses whose audiences reside within Canada and Google provides robust boosting within Canada to websites with the .ca ending.

At the same time, .com domain is the world’s most popular domain and top level domain. It is often considered generic to any country and doesn’t bear the country code. Many people choose to have both the .ca domain and .com domain to have more protection over their online presence. If you’re looking to market your business and sell your products or services both inside and outside of Canada, we highly recommend purchasing both the .ca and .com domain endings. The .ca and .com are easy to remember and are the most popular domain extensions.

Now, if both are available, the next step in the registration process would be to register your business and register your custom domain name. We recommend registering both your top level domain and business name at the same time. For a strong web presence with any online store, it is beneficial for your web address and name of business to match for search engines and brand recognition. This helps you to market your business with less effort. If either one isn’t available, we will reach out via email to ask you for a new business and domain name at no additional cost. We want you to find both the perfect domain name and name for your business.

Ontario Business Central Inc. has assisted entrepreneurs to incorporate and register their businesses for over 25 years. We also offer a wide range of services that include changing details of either your registered or incorporated business, cancelling or dissolving a business, searching for an existing business, as well as assisting to register your domain name.

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We have a number of blogs that are meant to assist you in launching your business and registering your domain name. From starting a business to changing the name of your business, adding a partner, explaining how to create a podcast, taxation support and so much more.

The information provided in this video is specifically designed for assisting those who are looking for general incorporation details and in no way shall be considered as legal or accounting advice.

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