Domain Industry Update – 21 Jan 2021

Domain Industry Update – 21 Jan 2021

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It’s not long to NamesCon Online and despite attending from 12am until 7am my local time I can’t wait for it. I’m getting all geared up for my various presentations and pulling from our masses of data at ParkLogic so attendees can get a great amount of value from the sessions.

Make sure that you check out the following sessions that I am conducting and remember that the MasterClass sessions have a limit of 50 people so get in early… the meantime, enjoy this week’s statistics.

Wed, Jan 27
17:35 Investing in Domains as a Business, Not a Hobby
18:00 MasterClass – Professional Traffic Monetization
Thu, Jan 28
16:20 State of Domain Traffic Monetization
16:45 MasterClass – Increasing revenue and managing risk through traffic quality
Fri, Jan 29
16:15 MasterClass – Running a Structured Traffic Test
17:15 The Future of Domain Monetization
• – all times in UTC

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