Create a Unique Website Name Ideas (Choose a domain name like a boss)

Create a Unique Website Name Ideas (Choose a domain name like a boss)

Let me show you how to create a unique website name ideas.
Check domain names 👉

First of all, it’s hard to find an available domain name with a recognizable extension.
Should you go for a brand or keyword rich domain name?
And what about the extension, .com is already taken!

These are normal questions that come up while choosing a domain name.

So in this video, I’ll answer those questions.

1. I’ll explain what to consider when choosing a domain name that can stand the test of time.
2. then, I’ll give you 5 tools on how to generate name ideas.

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Summary of coming up with unique website names:
A domain name is an important part of your website. You want to make it simple to remember and trustworthy. Also, it represents your brand in general.

Your domain name should be unique, not only because you can’t get the domain name, but also for your users or customers to easily recognize it.

Short and simple to spell & pronounce
Make your domain so easy to spell that even non-english speakers can type it.

The recommendation is to keep it as short as possible and not more than 3 words. Pick words that work well in the domain and make sure you don’t end up like these sites:

Keyword rich or branded
Google has diminished the importance of keyword rich domains. There was a time when keyword rich domains were dominating Google’s first page from the first week of launch. But this is not the case any more.

This means, you can use a keyword in your domain, but don’t do it because of SEO. Do it because it fits the product or service and if it makes the website more intuitive, for example, is pretty self-explanatory that the site will be about jeans.

Best extension (Local or global)
The best extension is .com, as it is still the most widely used extension in the world. Now it’s getting really hard to find any good .com domains. So you might need to expand your search to other extensions.

Chances are that you won’t be able to find your perfect domain that is available.
And you will need to compromise… at least a little.

In the end, it’s okay to add a prefix or suffix like for example “the”, “get” or “shop”. Or to use a more exotic extension such as .net or .us to get what you want.

The most important thing is that you get started. Look, even Facebook started with “”, so you can too.

What NOT to do
Few things you should not do when coming up with a domain name.

– No numbers unless it’s part of your company name
– No hyphens, they just look spammy
– Don’t get too stuck on a play of words or being too clever. Keep it simple and to the point

Generate ideas for a domain name
Let’s look at the ways to come up with ideas for a domain name.

Common practices
Few common practices that will help with the ideas with the idea generation.

Invent a word
You could just invent a word that’s what Google, Bogaboo or Oreo did when they started.

Word Mash
Take 2 or max 3 words and mash them together. This is probably the most common way websites are named.
Word Twist
Take a word or 2 and add a unique twist them by changing the spelling or adding a letter. Examples:

Name by benefit or name by the problem
Consider what is the main benefit of your product or services.
Or turn it around and consider what problem does it solve

Alliteration means that the name is with same first letters or with repeating sounds.

Brainstorm ideas

First of all start with a brainstorm. Think about your industry, the core value of your product or service to the user, or maybe you have a great story behind the business.

Name generator
You can use online name generators like . Simply add few words to restrict the search by .com. And it will generate a lot of ideas.

The cool thing is that the generator only shows available domains. Just don’t click through the details, cause usually these sites are associated with domain registrars like GoDaddy or BlueHost. If the domain is available at one provider, it will be available on all.

Pay someone on Fiverr
Sometimes you just need some help, you can pay someone on Fiverr to help you to come up with ideas for your website.

Just head to and search for domain names. You will see a bunch of people that offer their services.

Check what is available on name brokerages
You can check out websites like Where you can buy domains from other people.

Just navigate to and go to the domain section and maybe filter according to your budget.

You can also search GoDaddy’s registry of expired domains at But before buying a domain from there, please make sure you check that the domain hasn’t been associated with spam or some other fishy activities.


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