Choosing a Lawn Care Website Domain Name Suffix (TLD)

Choosing a Lawn Care Website Domain Name Suffix (TLD) – Domain Name Suffix For Lawn Care Business Websites

Hi Andrew,
I just started my lawn care business this year and I’m looking into getting a website to start getting landscaping leads. The .com for my company name has already been taken. However, I live in Canada and I’d be able to get “my company name with a .ca”. So, from a ranking and SEO standpoint, would I be better off using the .ca since I’m in Canada, or using a .com such as “” which is also available for use?
Thanks for all the great advice!

1. Trademark issues? Planning on growing to be a big company it is best to own your company name and trademark

2. .ca vs .com – not as big a deal as it use to be. .ca use to give you a bit of boost in the index vs .com for local pages but keywords and tlds (suffix) aren’t as big ranking helpers.

I would recommend setting your site location within google webmaster tools.

I would also recommend using a hosting company in your country.

We have many canadian sites that rank in the top positions that are .com

3. Include city name, sure that is a valid alternative if your company name is not available.
Keywords in the domain name aren’t as powerful as they used to be either however there are some benefits of buying domains with city names and keyphrases in them.