Buying And Selling Domain Names – Domain Flipping – Flipadom

Buying And Selling Domain Names – Domain Flipping – Flipadom

Buying And Selling Domain Names – Domain Flipping-Flipadom
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What is buying and selling domain names?
How to make money from buying and selling domain names?
Domain names are valuable assets to organizations and people who own websites. Buying and selling domain names is also called domain flipping. With experience and the right resources, you can buy and sell domain names for a good profit.
Can You make money selling domain names?
There are quite a few people who have made a fortune out of flipping domain names.
In history, the most expensive domain name sold was, purchased by RH Donnelly for $345 million.
Bear in mind, this is not the norm.
Let’s have a look at some stunning records of transacted values for some domains. But to achieve similar success could be just a dream. You have to be extremely lucky and smart to do so.
Top 10 Domain Name Sales of All Time
1. – $345 Million
2. – $90 Million
3. – $49.7 Million
4. – $35.6 Million
5. – $35 Million
6. – $30.1 Million
7. – $30 Million
8. – $18 Million
9. – $17 Million
10. – $16 Million

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Domain flipping is one of the greatest ways of making money online. Many people consider domain flipping as online or virtual real estate.
Buying a domain name and selling it for millions is near impossible. We shouldn’t waste our time chasing rainbows.
However, You can treat domain flipping as a profitable small side business. Imagine, if you buy a domain name for $12 and selling it for $140, giving a whopping 1060% return on investment. You can always scale it up to enhance your earning. How cool is that?
You can use this method to generate a second source of income.
Just like other businesses, in order to be successful in domain flipping, you have to learn the tricks of the trade.
Let listen to people who are experts in this business.
Buying And Selling Domain Names – Domain Flipping
According to the experts, these five tried-and-true tips for buying and selling domain names for a profit can navigate you to becoming an expert.

1. Narrow your focus Think about some of the spaces you are most familiar with and start your domain name search based on the related keywords.
2. Find names that offer real value Picture someone who would benefit from buying the domain in a space you are very familiar with. If this was you and someone was trying to sell you this name, would it be beneficial for you to own?
3. Check domain availability Now that you have narrowed down what names you should probably be buying, how do you find them?
4. Evaluate the price Once you have a name in mind, how do you know if the price is fair? For a buyer, if you see a domain that you HAVE TO HAVE, snap it up as fast as you can.
5. Get your domains front and center It’s important to feel confident that you will get paid and that the buyer will get the domain name they paid for.

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Buying And Selling Domain Names – Domain Flipping-Flipadom