At-Large Policy Session 2: Tackling DNS Abuse

At-Large Policy Session 2: Tackling DNS Abuse


This proposal aims to bridge the widening gap between policy development around activity considered abusive to the Domain Name System (DNS Abuse) and relevant legal and policy measures. With the overall goal of breaking the silos, it brings together technical community, governments and business from around the globe to offer different perspectives on DNS Abuse and platform liability. Looking at automated content moderation within platforms, is asks the questions of recommendable policy solutions to best address end user needs and concerns.

Rationale/Desired Outcomes:

1) The overall outcome of this session is to bridge the siloed discussion on platform regulation and DNS Abuse. The fine line between technical management of key internet resources, such as DNS and content regulation, particularly aimed at protecting individual end users interests such as privacy or freedom of expression lie at the core of this panel.

2) The debate will welcome input from policy makers, civil society and business trying to identify similarities and divergences between content moderation and technical day to day operation of “Internet’s core”, including but not limited to key internet identifiers.

3) Engaging a dialogue to better understand end user needs and expectations will support the development of relevant and well measured policy tools to attend to the current challenges and threats. These range from online fraud, through privacy concerns, all the way to hate speech and freedom of political speech.