6 Types of Domain Names and What They Sell For

6 Types of Domain Names and What They Sell For

There are only 6 types of Domain Names that you should be using Domain Name Investments. Out of these 6 types choose which one you think is worth the most and we’ll see who is right. Only getting high dollar Domain Names Sales means you only make high value Domain Name Purchases. Make sure you know exactly what domain categories your Second Level Domain (SLD) falls into before you make any future purchases.
1. Generic Domain Names- ex. Apple.com, Rose.com, car.com
2. Exact Match Domain Names- ex. cloudcomputing.com, office supplies.com, luxuryskiresort.com
3. Brandable Domain Names- ex. Google.com, spotify.com, klitr.com
4. Acronym Domain Names- ex. hg.com, z.com, scc.com
5. Numeric Domain Names- 8855.com 33333.com 1234567.com
6. Alpha Numeric Domain Names- x3.com g20.com t2.com

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  1. Jason Paden on January 21, 2022 at 5:50 pm

    This is just an experiment I do not mean to take away any of DNAcademy’s views with this video about the 6 types of domain names and what they are worth.