✅ How to Buy a Domain Name in 2021

✅ How to Buy a Domain Name in 2021

✅ Learn how to how to buy a domain name with WIX which is an online website building platform that gives you access to hundreds of professional templates to choose from.
👉 Get Started With Wix ➜ http://bit.ly/39cBvKO
Video Timestamps:
0:00 – Introduction
1:11 – Logging Into Your Wix Account
2:00 – Selecting A Site To Get A Domain For
2:41 – Why Get A Custom Domain?
3:16 – Opening Up A Domain Search
4:01 – Selecting The Right Domain Name
5:36 – Buying Your Domain Name
7:03 – Domain Wrap Up
7:13 – Conclusion & Outro

WIX is an online website building platform that gives you access to hundreds of professional templates to choose from and an intuitive drag and drop editor to customize these templates and make them your own. All of this was designed to help you create your website exactly how you want while removing the technical knowledge barrier so that anyone can jump in and quickly create a website that matches your vision.

A domain is the title of the website you see in the URL or search bar at the top of your web browser whenever you visit a webpage. Knowing this should provide you with a general understanding of why it might make a difference to be able to set a custom domain for your website. A domain name works as an address that anyone on the internet can use to visit your website. Of course this will vary depending on any regional settings that a web user might be subjected to.

A professional domain name can help set both you and your website apart from the crowd. There are millions of websites and more are created every single day. To get ahead of the never ending wave of websites, having a unique name can set you apart from all of these. In one of my previous videos I show you how to host a website for absolutely free through Wix. As I mentioned in that video, the only caveat to this is that the domain Wix provides you is a near random url based off of your username. This does not look professional and from a quick glance anyone could tell that the website is still incomplete. No matter how polished you make your site or how much professional content you add, having that default url/domain brings down the rest of the quality of your site. Don’t let your random domain name be the bottleneck for the greatness of your website!

In this video I will show you how to buy a domain name for your custom website. We’ll start by building off of the knowledge learned in my previous video of hosting a website for free and give it a professional touch. Knowing how to jump in, select a template and edit it is just the beginning. From here we will take our website and add a domain to it. Step by step I will walk you through navigating the Wix editor to opening your site settings and searching for a fitting domain. Once we find it, I’ll show you how to buy it and link it directly to your new website!

Follow along with the video to learn step by step how to add and buy a custom professional domain name for your website. Or if you would rather wait until the end of the video before using the Link, you can take the knowledge learned in this video and turn it into a brand new, awesome, professional and custom domain name for your website.

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    👉 Get Started With Wix ➜ http://bit.ly/39cBvKO